• Installed in factory position
  • Unit output performance in comparison with factory OEM

355 360 456 550 575 - catalytic temperature control station


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Catalyst temperature control station.

Replaces Ferrari parts 179278 173533 and 160454.

Ferrari 456 applications please check vehicle assembly number (see detail below).

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Fully re-designed, re-engineered and improved design to reduce false slow down light warnings in certain Ferrari models. Maintains full compatibility and fitment with original factory part. An excellent upgrade option to maintain protection of expensive catalytic converts and warn of impending heating risk due to an overheated exhaust system.

- Fits factory OEM position and connectors.

- Over current and over voltage output protection to safeguard engine management ECU

- Detects open thermocouple faults (another common slow down light cause) - indicated by solid slow down light on dashboard

- Encapsulated in high quality epoxy resin for water and dust protection

- Machined flat surface for fasteners to easily torque against

- All components automotive rated to over 100°C for reliable engine bay installation

- Maintains the vehicle to intended factory operating parameters

Replaces Ferrari parts 179278 173533 and 160454. Fits the following Ferrari models:

All models: 355, 360, 550, 575, F50, Enzo, Maserati MC12

Ferrari 456 (from vehicle assy 17495)