About us

I've been a Ferrari fan ever since I can remember. F40 and Testarossa posters were plastered on my bedroom walls and when the F355 was released I told myself that one day I shall own one.

Fast forward a few years and I've had a career in electronic design specialising in power electronics and analogue signal processing.

Some years ago I managed to realise an earlier dream and became the owner of a 1995 Ferrari F355. Red paint, black leather with red stitching, gate shift 6 speed transmission, motronic 2.7 which everyone says is the better version and it was in perfect condition. Except for one thing. Constant slow down light warnings and associated engine power cut outs. I thought there has to be a better way, so I applied some ideas from my electronics background and determined there was indeed a better way. The birth of a reliable solution to the dreaded slow down problem was completed. In the time since I have also enjoyed owning a 360 F1 which also brought the same slow down problem. Luckily the system is the same as the 355 and the problem is now also resolved. Now it's ready to bring the better solution to the global Ferrari community to keep these cars on the road at affordable prices.

We are a small hobby business building and sourcing alternative bespoke replacements for commonly troublesome parts to keep these classic cars running as the factory intended. From time to time new parts and ideas will be made available, however the core of the business remains replacement solutions for unreliable Italian electronics.